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The RAVEN Law Firm handles comprehensive judicial and enforcement proceedings related to receivables collection. It works exclusively for the needs of the debt collection services provided by the KRUK Group and its partners. Our staff is composed of more than 70 experienced specialists.

Currently our Law Firm handles cases pending before close to 400 courts and works with 500 court bailiffs across Poland. We also provide advisory services connected with due diligence, as well as with purchases and servicing of debt portfolios. The RAVEN Law Firm operations are nationwide.

The following are the main advantages of the RAVEN Law Firm

  • flexibility – we provide a tailor-made service – the form and scope of the service is suited to the requirements of the Client,
  • long experience in representing our Clients in large-scale judicial and enforcement proceedings, including representation of Clients from the financial services sector,
  • the highest security standards applied to the entrusted data,
  • dedicated IT system built for the purposes of judicial proceedings and for the purposes of collection by court bailiff, enabling the gathering of all relevant information about the proceedings pending in an electronic format,
  • extended reporting capabilities – the form and scope of the report can be suited to the needs of the Client, to make it fully compatible with the Client’s IT system.

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