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Piotr Krupa among Newsweek’s Polish Business Tigers 2010!


Piotr Krupa, CEO of KRUK SA, Poland’s largest receivables management company, became one of Polish Business Tigers 2010. Compiled by the Newsweek Polska weekly, the ranking includes entrepreneurs who did especially well during the economic slowdown and whose companies were successful in the past year.

As stressed by the editors themselves, Polish Business Tigers is a subjective but at the same time fully independent list of leaders of Polish companies who, as the author of the ranking says, “not only made it through the crisis unscathed but also used it as a springboard for success in the past year.”

In the case of KRUK SA CEO, Newsweek was impressed by the increase in the value of cases serviced recorded in 2010 by the Wrocław-based company. Only in the first three quarters of 2010 KRUK accepted PLN 2.3bn worth of debts for collection, up by 38% on the corresponding period last year (PLN 1.7bn). In total, by the end of September 2010, the value of receivables purchased by the KRUK Group in Poland nearly reached PLN 550m. With the above results, KRUK remains an unquestioned leader of the Polish receivables management market.

Another value noticed by the editorial staff of Newsweek is the pro-settlement strategy with respect to debtors followed by the company for already two years. Owing to the above strategy, creditors are gradually recovering their money and debtors are paying their debts in manageable installments. The solution offers advantages to both parties.

"Our presence in such a prestigious group is a confirmation to me that the amicable attitude to debtors adopted by KRUK is the correct response to market needs,” said Piotr Krupa. “There are still negative stereotypes about the debt collection industry and we, through our everyday work, are proving that KRUK’s employees are also normal people who know what life is…  and that it is always possible to reach an agreement. The above attitude is a classic win-win solution. Everybody wins: debtors win because they are able to pay back their debts in a way suited to their financial capabilities and step by step are coming back on track; creditors win because they are gradually recovering their money and our negotiators win because they can successfully combine the interests of the debtor and of the creditor,” added KRUK’s CEO.  

Piotr Krupa is 38 years old. He is a co-founder and shareholder of KRUK SA, Poland’s largest receivables management company. He manages a group of companies whose other members include a credit information bureau, law firm, detective bureau and a securitization fund. For the past couple of years he has been a marathon runner. Krupa was twice in the finals of Ironman, a long-distance triathlon event (Arizona 2009, Mexico 2010). He has also climbed several high mountains (Kilimanjaro, Mount Blanc, Elbrus).


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