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  • Piotr Krupa among Newsweek’s Polish Business Tigers 2010!

    date: 22-12-2010

    Piotr Krupa, RAVEN General Partner and CEO of KRUK SA, receivables management company, became one of Business Tigers 2010. Compiled by the Newsweek Polska weekly, the ranking includes entrepreneurs who did especially well during the economic slowdown.more

  • RAVEN Law Firm at the EPU conference

    date: 08-10-2010

    A workshop devoted to e-court, i.e. enforcement of past due debts by electronic means (EPU), will be held in Warsaw on 19 October. The meeting is organised under the auspices of the Minister of Justice by the Conference of Financial Companies in Poland.more

  • RAVEN Law Firm hires new people

    date: 20-09-2010

    In October the RAVEN Law Firm has several openigs. Jobs are offered both to law professionals and to students of non-law schools. The openings were dictated by growing needs of the firm’s partners and by the development of the service offer.more

  • RAVEN Law Firm manages cases of the KRUK Group’s debtors to court and bailiff

    date: 27-07-2010

    In the first half of 2010 RAVEN Law Firm brought close to 67,000 actions for payment, twice as many as in the corresponding period of 2009. Actions are brought against debtors of the KRUK Group who evade contacts and refuse to resolve debts amicably.more

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